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Film Review: Merchants of Doubt

“We’re the negative force—we’re just trying to stop stuff.” – Marc Morano, Executive Director of, a leading site for climate change skeptics. This quote sums up the theme of Merchants of Doubt, a hard-hitting and at times discouraging documentary which details the campaign to discredit scientific climate research. Morano is one of those talking…

Disruptive Innovations in the Energy Industry
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Disruptive Innovations in the Energy Industry

This is an exciting time in the energy industry, unless you work for an electric utility company.  Just like changes that happened in the telecom industry not too long ago, these utilities are in for a shake-up. The three-prong disruptive forces of electric vehicles, solar photovoltaics (PV), and energy storage are combining to create a…

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Green Hotels

Chances are that if you’ve stayed in a hotel lately, you’ve seen cards inviting guests to choose to re-use their towels and have their beds made without changing the linens.  This certainly began in areas where water is less abundant, like California, but has made its way into even mainstream hotels in the Midwest.  Laundering…

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Modern Flames

Fireplaces have long established a sacred spot in the center of our living or family rooms.  The nostalgic sound, feel and smell of a crackling wood fire has a cozy, romantic feel.  Many traditionalists believe that a natural wood fire is well worth the mess and effort it takes to build the fire.  And yet,…



Ecotourism is a new way to embrace sustainability in travel.  Per the backpacker’s motto – “Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but footprints.” – ecotourism is a style of travel that has a low-impact on the environment, and usually involves pristine or undisturbed natural areas off the beaten path of more commercial destinations. Travelers that…

St. Louis Hotel Makes Energy Efficiency and Sustainability a Top Priority
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St. Louis Hotel Makes Energy Efficiency and Sustainability a Top Priority

From the ground up, the Holiday Inn Express near the Lambert – St. Louis International Airport was designed to be a “green” hotel.  Owner Vinod Patel of OHM Hotel Group envisioned an energy-efficient and eco-friendly hotel that would appeal to business travelers who want to reduce their carbon footprint while on the road. “We are…