2020 Bike MS: Inside Out

In my 20th year of riding for MS, we continue to define new “firsts.” In 2018, the entire event was cancelled due to a projected deluge from Tropical Storm Gordon. Last year, after a spectacularly beautiful day on Saturday, we were again hit with another storm that forced the staff to cancel Day 2. This…


Bike MS 2019: The Jekyll & Hyde Weekend

Saturday September 7 was a picture-perfect day for a bike ride. Probably the best day weather-wise since my first ride in 2001. We’ve had nice days, but this was just beautiful – mildly warm with a mildly cool breeze to keep things comfortable. But Sunday showed another side of September that we’ve all seen before….


Bike MS: Gateway Getaway Ride 2017

It’s been two weeks since the ride, and a very busy time since then. A 25th wedding anniversary cannot be celebrated in a single day, you know, and though the U2 concert in St. Louis was cancelled, the Cardinals played on, as did Billy Joel. Suffice it to say, there was hardly an evening on…


An Open Letter to U2

2 July 2017 Dear, Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry, I started to write this three months ago, and was distracted away from it to attend to something else. Procrastination took over from there. Anyway, I was inspired to write this letter in spite of the fact that I have no idea how to get it…


My Reflection on the Election

There was a protest in downtown St Louis today that I chose not to go to. I respect and appreciate the people who went out to protest the president-elect that so many feel is unfit to be president. However, the people have spoken. Short of any election rigging, it appears that Donald Trump won the…


2016 Gateway Getaway

After a great ride last year, each of the ten members of Team Microgrid committed to recruiting another cyclist for this year’s ride.  We raised over $5,000 again last year, and everyone seemed eager to ride again this year.  And then the bottom seemed to fall out. David moved to North Carolina, and Tim moved…


Team Microgrid Rides Again!

Once again, Microgrid Energy sponsored a team to ride in the 2015 Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway Ride on September 12-13.  We first formed a team in 2014, and raised over $5,000 for the Gateway Area Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Our goal is to raise at least that much again this year….


Team Microgrid Rides for MS

After two wonderful years riding with Team Christner, we finally had enough critical mass to establish a company-sponsored team from Microgrid Solar.  In the last year, we’ve hired a number of new people who are avid cyclists, and ride to work on a regular basis.  Rick Hunter, our CEO and company owner, created a corporate…

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Living the Dream

Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that inspired millions, and contributed to an unprecedented era of social change.  His nonviolent stand against racial inequality moved people to take a stand for justice and truth.  He has been exalted and heralded as a martyr for his work.  In tribute to Dr. King, hundreds of cities…