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Why settle for a single data point each month from your utility, and wonder why your energy costs are so high? By taking a closer look at where and when you’re using energy, you can identify patterns, and take actionable steps to reduce wasted energy.

And pay less, not more.


You can’t improve what you don’t measure.
We work personally with you to procure and implement an energy monitoring solution that will shine a light on your energy usage.


Once we have sufficient data, we’ll analyze it and develop a plan to help minimize your energy usage. We identify trends in the data, and then find outliers to show us where the energy is potentially being wasted.


With information gathered, and plan in place, we can provide guidance on technology improvements to reduce your building’s energy usage, and assist in the implementation of solutions to successfully meet your financial goals!

Who is EnerGuidance?

Steve O'Rourke

Steve is a writer, consultant and tireless advocate for sustainability. He transitioned his career in marketing and information technologies in 2008 to the renewable energy industry, promoting efficiency and sustainability through the intelligent use of energy and information.

Steve has worked with a variety of commercial, industrial and nonprofit organizations to better manage their energy use, and offset reduced demand with clean, renewable solar energy. He works as an independent project developer for StraightUp Solar and Pivot Energy, while providing energy management services to a select group of clients.

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